Norbell is a call center business solution providing company.
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  Norbell Call Center Franchise  
  Norbell Limited is a Canadian Call Center Solution company founded in 1998 as a provider of Call Center Total Solution and related telecommunications services. They offer a complete and innovative suite of Call Center products, services, technologies, management programs and computer/telephony integration. Their service portfolio delivers to customers worldwide a selection of call center packages with exceptional quality and service, at affordable and competitive prices. Norbell's in-depth understanding of the business and technology issues enable them to provide their customers with unique solutions to leverage existing corporate information databases and enhance the management of customer relationships.

Norbell's extensive experience in the Telecommunications and Network industry ensures that its solutions are the best.  Its success is achieved through telecommunications  expertise, consulting; program and project management; design, planning, engineering; implementation and commissioning.

Norbell’s management and engineering team are the key to their success. Each member of the team is well qualified and experienced in their area of responsibility.  The organizations structure and management are very effective and responsive to customers opportunities and deliverables. The organization structure allows proactive decision making and service customization.

Norbell’s global strategic alliances are key in the delivery of international business opportunities and projects. The alliances provide Norbell with the ability to provide end-to-end call center solutions with innovative products and technologies at very attractive prices.

Highlights of the Company

  • Four groups of companies
  • 3000 plus employees in 7 countries
  • Multidisciplinary network of professionals
  • Operations in 4 continents
  • Modular Corporate Structure for specialized service
  • Team of committed and experienced professionals in the Call Center industry
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