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We at Norbell works hand in hand with all of our clients, we correspond our services to meet our clients’ specific needs, accurately and within their budget. We aspire to preserve successful business affiliations with our clients by means of veracity, sincerity and communication.

Clients, as well as possible customers often check in to our offices to interact to the people that represent their products and services. We even inspire them to treat our office as an extension of their own!

Because we are also business owners, you can now expect that your business is represented in the best way by people, who are motivated, passionate and commercially aware of the products that they represent.

The Current Market

Any Company of any size or industry can be successful if calls are not handled properly, and all business owners realize this truth. One of the factors as of why these things happen are non-local contact centers which often not a reliable solution because of customers’ negative opinions.

Each company has its marginal processes that divert attention and assets away from core functions. Outsourcing marginal processes to Norbell allows your business to cut down expenses while increasing productivity.

For these reasons, the call handling industry is broadening and Norbell is at the forefront of this one of a kind sector.

Norbell’s Profile

We at Norbell want you to be sure as of which service is right for you. Our Norbell executive can give you detailed information as of what is involved about running your own contact center. A typical franchisee usually will:

  • Have the ambition and determination in developing their business
  • Are Computer Literate
  • Have Customer Service knowledge
  • Have outstanding command of the English language
  • Have Telephone Etiquette
  • Have self motivation and is able to motivate others as well
  • Is Optimistic and is paying attention even to the smallest detail

Norbell’s role as a franchisee

Norbell’s dedicated support team at its head office are always happy to assist, however franchisees do have a lot of accountability in ensuring that their business is successful. This will include:

  • Getting clients by means of networking and marketing
  • Reviewing the clients’ profile as well as the preparation of proposals
  • To obtain and maintain good client relationships
  • Conducting campaigns for telemarketing
  • Answering the clients’ inquiries
  • Sending reports to clients regularly
  • Administrative tasks
  • Management of the business according to obligations

Norbell may choose to personally do the task for clients if they wanted to though this is not essential as our service can be entirely operated by employed operators.

Leisure Time

During the early stages of a business start up, everyone is so busy that they are having a difficulty taking a time off, unless a stable income is achieved and/or work is properly endorsed by staffs.

But as a franchisee, you will have the opportunity to have one of our call centers as your backup. Taking an off will no longer be a problem; just call and endorse your workload to us and that way you retain your clients and hard work in putting up your business.

Benefits and Potential

Norbell has been operating since 1998 and since then we have our business model; proven and constantly developing as the years pass with profit and turnover increasing constantly.

Norbell is an income generating business; clients pay an agreed upfront fee and any remaining fee balances due in a specified number of days and usually the turnover and profit depend on the services offered.

The income for outbound services is achieved by a fixed rate per hour per person on a campaign and is mostly not based on the performance. While inbound services are achieved by the way of a fixed rate per call or minute with a minimum monthly retainer.

Additional services:

Aside from its core services, we at Norbell also have a range of additional services which you can offer your clients, giving you additional sources of income. These services are managed from our Head Office and include the following:

  • Business Information
  • Mailing addresses for Business
  • Non-Local numbers (e.g. Sip Extensions, DID)
  • Sending Fax to E-mail
  • Credit Limit

Norbell Franchise packages

  • The right to operate a Norbell Franchise business in a defined territory with a minimum of 5000 businesses to be targeted.
  • The use of Norbell’s Logo as well as intellectual property.
  • Access to Norbell’s Intranet and online systems
  • Comprehensive operations manual
  • Training opportunity for you and your staffs in our Norbell Head Office.
  • On-going support on all aspects from our dedicated team at Head Office
  • Training material for staffs on recruitment.
  • Marketing campaign in your area to ensure immediate operations – telemarketing campaign (managed by Head Office), PR, Email marketing and circulation of promotional flyers
  • Database of at least 5000 businesses located in your territory for on-going business development
  • Sales & marketing materials
  • Norbell’s Stationary Pack that includes letterheads, business cards etc.
  • New business leads generated for your territory via our website and FTP server.
  • Centralized invoicing and credit control for your franchise as well as credit/debit card processing and payroll service (Optional. Nominal fee per head)
  • Scheduled visits for further development opportunities.

A choice of 3 Franchise Packages:

  • Inbound Franchise Packages
  • Outbound Franchise Packages
  • Full Call Center Franchise

For more information on franchise packages please mail us at

Telecoms & I.T. Guide (in addition to the franchise fee):

Prices may vary depending on individual needs and situations. We can handle all aspects of your call centre setup from start to finish.

We recommend that new centres start off with a minimum of 5 ‘seats’, or may vary depending on the need and situation. A seat consists of a computer with internet access, telephone and headset.

You can increase the number of ‘seats’ as your business grows whenever you wish.

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